create. customize. control.

Touch Control System (TCS) is a 3D development platform that gives you the ability to control just about anything. TCS gives you on-screen, customizable 2D and 3D controls so you can design and create your own personalized interface for controlling electronics.

asset store

The TCS asset store will be online starting mid 2015 where you will be able to download assets for use in your TCS creations. You will also be able to upload assets you've created to share with the Hyperplane Interactive community.


dev blog

Follow the continuing development of TCS on our dev blog.

introducing TCS

complex projects made simple

Direct your home theater system, create an interactive art project, automate your business and vending machines, and monitor and control the vital systems on your car, boat, or starship. The possibilities are only limited by the extent of your imagination.

Representing data in creative ways has been the focus of many great contemporary artists. Creating an interface to control electronic inventions has been the focus of many great programmers and engineers. TCS provides an effective solution for artist, programmers, engineers, and DIYers.

To give you an idea of how we have used TCS, let us show you some of our projects.

lunching rockets with TCS

Hyperplane Interactive held two rocket launch events this last year, one at the Santa Barbara Mission, and another at the Ventura Community Park. Building and wirelessly launching a model rocket was a great way for us to show off our project, get some needed real world testing, and it was an incredible amount of fun.

building robots

To help perfect bi-directional communications with hardware and other software components, we thought it would be cool to start by building a robot. A simple, expandable, WiFi controllable robot, built on a small budget.