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Hyperplane Engrave - Beta

GCODE Generator for 3D Printer Wood Engraving

This page generates GCODE for engraving images onto wood with your 3D printer. The tool moves to each pixel, presses down, and pauses until the desired shade is burned in. You can use a dremel tool and/or hot iron.

Step 1 - Calibration

Be very careful and double check everything! We are not responsible for printer damage or burning your house down.

Home your printer, move the bed to a safe distance, and securely attach an engraving or soldering iron. Secure a piece of wood to the printing bed so that it won't move during printing. Slowly lower Z until the iron sits right above the wood without touching it. This is your Max Z Height Measurement. You should be able to move the iron around while it is hot without leaving a mark on the wood. 1mm lower and the iron should be digging into the wood. Adjust the corners of the bed to make sure the distance between the wood and iron is the same at each corner.

You'll need to experiment with iron temperatures for different types of wood. Holding the iron down for 2-3 seconds should produce a black mark.

Step 2 - Options

Center image on print bed

Go to image corners before printing

Rotate image 180 degrees


Bed Width (X) in mm

Bed Height (Y) in mm

Feedrate (optional)



Max Z Height Measurement

Step 3 - Image Upload

Color images are automatically converted to grayscale. You might want to do manual grayscale conversion beforehand to make sure it looks right. If you give your image the same resolution you'll be printing with (.2 = 50pixels/cm or 127pixels/inch), you can print it out on a piece of paper to see how it'll fit on the wood before burning it in.

The Hyperplane Engrave Beta will produce engraved images up to 500x500pixels (500 * .2 = 100x100mm).

Here is a 50x50 pixel image that you can use for testing. At .2mm/pixel it prints out at 10x10mm.

Output Type

Image File

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