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TCS Tutorial: Basic Models

To create a Screen Control for Touch Control System, we need a 3D model. This tutorial will guide you through the basic creation process.

This tutorial applies to all Alpha versions of Touch Control System (TCS).

Creating a basic model for TCS in 3ds Max:

1. On the Create menu, choose Standard Primitives > Sphere

2. In any viewport, click with the left mouse button and drag to define a radius. As you drag, a sphere emerges with its center at the pivot point.

3. Release the left mouse button to set the radius and create the sphere.

4. Verify your desired settings in the Parameters rollout.

5. On the Modify menu, select “Unwrap UVW” from the “Modifier List” drop-down box.

6. Right click on the new object and navigate to Convert To: > Convert to Editable Mesh in the quad menu.

7. On the Hierarchy menu, move the sphere’s pivot point to the center of the object by enabling the “Affect Pivot Only” button, clicking the “Center to Object” button, and then disabling the “Affect Pivot Only” button.

8. Click on the “Select and Move” button in the main toolbar and change the mesh’s position to X:0 Y:0 Z:0

9. Open the Material Editor and select a new, unused material. Under “Shader Basic Parameters”, change the drop-down box from “Blinn” to “Phong”. Assign the material by dragging it from the Material Editor onto the mesh.

10. Using the animation and time controls, go to the beginning of the animation and enable “Set Key Animation Mode”. Click on the Key button, go to the end of the animation track, click the Key button again, and then disable “Set Key Animation Mode”. Using the Curve Editor, select one of the mesh’s position or rotation controllers. Next, select one of the controller’s end keys and modify it’s value by +/- 0.001. This ensures that the model will be exported with valid animation data.

11. Select “Export” from the main file menu in 3ds Max to export your model. Use the default exporter settings.

** Make sure you have the latest FBX plug-in for your version of 3ds Max **


In this tutorial we:

  • Created a sphere in 3ds Max
  • Gave it texture coordinates
  • Converted it to a mesh object
  • Centered it in 3D space
  • Assigned a material
  • Created an animation track
  • Exported the model to a FBX file

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